Seasonal recipe books with Eat Grim

In the climate-friendly kitchen it is important to be aware of the seasons. In Denmark, we are so lucky to have all 4, but of course not everything grows and is available all year round. That's why we have created recipe books for each of the 4 seasons– spring, summer, autumn and winter– which will help to inspire your sustainable kitchen all year round. They’re made with the help of all of our amazing GRIM chefs, who you can see and read about in the books.

The EAT GRIM seasonal recipe book is not just full of delicious recipes, it’s also filled with tonnes of useful information about the different fruits and vegetables in season. Plus tips on how to prepare and store them, so they last for as long as you need. 

Download this seasons recipe book here.

Winter 2020

The cover of the Winter edition of the GRIM seasonal cooking books

Autumn 2020

The cover image for the autumn edition of the GRIM seasonal recipe books