Eat Grim is closing

1100 tons of food saved from going to waste. 420 tons of CO2 prevented from entering the atmosphere. 10.5 m Danish kroner revenue generated for European farmers. These are the achievements we at Eat Grim are most proud of. 

But from today, our company will no longer be able to co-create a world without food waste. This week, we, Petra and Carolin, the founders of Eat Grim, have decided to file for bankruptcy.

We want to thank each and everyone of you for your belief in us and your support. Know that we have done everything in our power (and beyond) to change this around and have spent the last four months in deep conversations with new and existing investors to find a way forward.

When we started Eat Grim back in 2018, we spotted a global problem with no existing solution and set out to change the way people eat forever. Our solution was easy: food boxes with “ugly-by-nature” and surplus fruits and veggies that we saved directly at farms, and also supplying food businesses with this sustainable produce.

3.5 years later, we have succeeded in putting food waste in the spotlight, created a beloved household brand, elevated the Danish startup ecosystem, and employed 76 people from 30 nationalities. We delivered food boxes to 11.000 climate conscious customers, 30 sustainable food businesses and sourced produce from 90 international farms. We are proud of the holistic impact we had on everyone who grows, eats and works with food. What an achievement!

Throughout the years, we earned 28 m Danish kroner revenue which we invested back into the company. But this was not enough. Solving a global problem like food waste is not done overnight and requires growth capital. 

Our ambitions were always bigger than Denmark, because food waste knows no borders and we always wanted Eat Grim to be accessible to the masses. Of course, running a company of this scale is difficult, and also in our case it didn't happen without making mistakes. But from mistakes we learned, and we can say with confidence that we have run Eat Grim with the best of our ability. Unfortunately, our ambitions weren’t matched with enough equally daring and big-thinking investors, so in the end it wasn’t possible for us to raise the growth capital needed to take Eat Grim to the next level. 

Eat Grim is the result of incredibly hard work and the unshakable support of people like you who believe that the future of eating includes all shapes, sizes and colours. We are thankful for the journey and the learnings and say our goodbyes with the hope to continue our fight on this important mission in another way.

Petra Kaukua and Carolin Schiemer