Happy Advent!

December can be a hectic and chaotic month, but we wanted to make sure that we did everything we could, to ensure that you stay filled with a merry Christmas spirit. Because of this, we have tried to be creative, and put together this Advent gift calendar, for all of our Grimlings - old and new. So throughout December, you can look forward to receiving 4 different gifts!

Remember to check back here every Sunday, to get your hands on all of the Advent gifts. If you have signed up to our newsletter, then we will also send you an update each week, so you are guaranteed to not miss out.

4. Advent Gift - Revealed 19th of December

3. Advent Gift - Revealed 12th of December

2. Advent Gift - Revealed 5th of December

1. Advent Gift - Winter Cookbook

With the Winter Cookbook, you can be certain that the season will not end up being gray and dreary - quite the contrary! We have collected information about some of the most well-known fruits and vegetables of the season, and created inspiring recipes for all of them. As an added bonus, we will also share our best tips and tricks, for how you get the most out of the produce, and get it to last as long as possible.

The Winter Cookbook also includes a Christmas menu, created by Søren Westh from the culinary lab .506 and inspired by decorations from Karens Bord. Try out a more sustainable, green and wonderfully delicious Christmas meal this year!

Download the Winter Cookbook here.

The cover of the Winter edition of the Eat Grim seasonal cooking books

Celebrating a green Christmas