What’s Bronze Fennel?

Everything you need to know about the licorice herb in under 2 minutes.

Bronze fennel, grown in the raised beds of Amass Restaurant in Copenhagen Refshaleøen.

This is bronze fennel, grown in the raised beds of Amass Restaurant in Copenhagen Refshaleøen.

Bronze fennel is one of the most exciting herbs out there and make a great appearance if added. But wait: bronze fennel what?

Yes, THIS is bronze fennel. You can tell from the bronze colour of the plant. If you see it around: GO AND GRAB SOME! The soft wispy leaves with their unique bronze color add an amazing licorice flavour to any dish and look pretty as well. Bronze fennel is not the bulb variety that you are used to seeing as a salad or vegetable side, it is an herb variety that can be completely utilized. Luckily it grows here in Denmark, so now that you know how it looks, you might be able to spot it around.

What to eat it with?

Bronze fennel is an allrounder. You can use the stems to infuse stocks and sauces, you can also dry them and roast a whole fish. The tender fronds are perfect for green leafy salads, or chop them and add them to potato salad. Also, check out our delicious recipe for a melon salad with mozzarella ;)

You can steep them in hot water for a fennel tea or add them to a summer cocktail that could benefit from a sweet bite of anise. And have you tried them in a desert? Add to ice cream and get blown away. Also, the blossoms are edible, too. When they are picked at the right time, usually mid to late summer, they are bright yellow and full of pollen. The pollen is powerful so you don’t need much but it is great on roasted carrots, pizza or on seafood.

It can improve your digestive health

Fennel herb is carminative by nature, which simply means that it works to prevent the creation of gases. For this reason, it is a well respected digestive health remedy used in many mixtures created to help those with regular intestinal pain.

Fennel tea is known to suppress appetite. It also acts as an intestinal relaxant, to ease bloating (and farting ;) ). Laxatives commonly have fennel in them to help soften the side-effects of the purging.


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