What is Winter Purslane?

Say hello to winter purslane and learn how to use it

Wild winter purslane plant

Dear GRIMling meet winter purslane — winter purslane meet our GRIMling.

In this week’s box we have the pleasure of winter purslane — but if you are anything like us, you may need some inspo on how to use this beautiful weird unfamiliar new friend.

Most winter purslane grow wild in shady areas like forests, fields or gardens in western regions of North America, but don’t worry purslane is not shady at all. Purslane is growing wild like weed, but is also described as lettuce or herb. Who cares, as long as it’s edible, right?

In the 1700s it was brought back from the new world and planted back home, now we can all enjoy the deliciousness — all the way from America to Australia, and South to North.

Winter purslane is also known as Indian lettuce, spring beauty, miner’s lettuce or miner’s green. Back in the days miners in California used purslane to prevent scurvy (DK: skørbug), a trick they discovered from the Native Americans, and can be done, because purslane has so much vitamin C in it. That’s a cool, huh? And it might explain some of its many names.

Inspo for using purslane in cooking

The sky is the limit when it comes to winter purslane. It can be cooked, juiced, used as a thickener in soup or raw in a salad.

It makes for great salad with its crisp texture and gives a spinach-like flavour. All you need for a refreshing salad is purslane, chives, parsley and a bit of olive oil, that’s easy peasy and sooo delicious. And if you want it even easier you can eat it with some light vinaigrette, salt and pepper.

The purslane is best when it’s fresh, so hurry up and make a salad or keep your purslane as a beautiful bouquet in water till you are purslane-ready.

To sum up: winter purslane is not only delicious it is also healthy, and now you know each other!

/Article edited by Simone

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