Noticed the new appearance? That’s right - Eat Grim had a facelift

Summer is here, pandemic not so much, and ‘tis the season for new exciting fresh produce in our boxes. Perfect time for a new Eat Grim look and appeal? YES!  

So before we start, here’s a lil’ homemade reveal-video 🥳


TA-DAAA! That’s right, we’ve had pears on our mind lately, and here it is - our new pear-shaped Eat Grim logo. 🍐🍐🍐 

You like? Hmm, why the pear, you might ask? With so many ugly and lovely fruits and veggies out there to be saved, how could we even dare to choose just one? Well, it wasn’t easy to be honest. It kind of came up as a coincidence and we liked the look of it. However, after researching the internet like crazy for pear-symbolism and random facts we agreed that this fruit actually resonates quite well with us.

“Pears you plant for your heirs”

As goes an old British proverb referring to the fact that pear trees back in the days took a looong time to mature and actually bear fruit. Up to 20 years in fact. The act of planting a pear tree was therefore considered as an act of consideration, ensuring a fruitful future for generations to come. Even though the process of growing pear trees has long since been effectively speeded up, ensuring fruit in just 3-4 years, we love this analogy of caring for the future. Did you know that our Big & Beastly Mixy box actually saves the planet for:

1 177 l of water, or 16 showers

2.7 kg of CO2e, or a 10.6 km car drive

7.8 m2 of land to give back to nature

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Pear waste in Denmark

Nothing like picking a fresh pear or apple from a tree to take you straight back to the late summer afternoons of your childhood, right? Well, unfortunately estimated 50% of all the 10 million kilos of pears and apples that grow in Danish gardens are wasted each year, according to Landbrug & Fødevarer.This is simply because they are not being picked up. Ridiculous food waste (estimated to a net worth of 50 million kr.) going on every year in our own gardens. Crazy right? Get out there early fall and pick up some pears and apples for delicious fruity dishes or a home-made cider perhaps? An easy act of crushing food waste.  

Pærelet (easy-peasy) 

And speaking of easy. The Danish word for pear “pære” is also used as a reinforcing part of an adjective, playing part in our new Danish tagline: “Den pærelette løsning på madspild” - emphasizing the fact that Eat Grim is actually one of the easiest means to crush food waste: With one box at a time. Easy peasy, right?  

And btw, with our new website we also tried to make the user experience way more simple and easy to navigate. We hope you’ll like scrolling around Grimling?

Introducing the Family box

The website and visual identity is not the only thing new in the Eat Grim shelter for wasted fruit & veg. We are also expanding our product portfolio and have just added a new, ugly team member to the portfolio: The Family Box!

The Family box is priced at 235 kr. before delivery and contains a selection of snacky & basic fruit & vegetables in family-and-kid-friendly quantities that are easy to cook with. Compared to our Big & Beastly the Family box is ca. 2 kg heavier (8 - 10 kg) and contains larger amounts of basic ingredients to make sure a lot of stomachs will be filled throughout the week.

Wanna try the Family box? Save 20% on your first by using the discount code ‘FAMILY’ at check-out or from your customer account.  

Introducing the Mixy box

And if it wasn’t enough, we also gave our recyclable boxes from DS Smith a lil' makeover to fit our new pearsonal look (pun intended) and new name of the product we’ve had so far. We call it the “Mixy box” - and as always it contains a good mix of exciting new and well-known of fruit & veg. The Mixy box comes in three sizes as you may know: “Mini & Mean”, Small & Ugly” and “Big & Beastly.

So the product you’ve received from us so far is called the Mixy box. The Mixy box. Mixy!👋

New to Eat Grim and wanna try our Mixy box? Get 50% off on your first two boxes with the discount code 'PÆRELET' at check-out. 

Share the pear

Already an Eat Grim customer? In celebration of the new season we've upped our referral reward to our biggest saving of the year. When you refer friends to Eat Grim – they’ll get 50% off their first subscription box, and you’ll get 50% off your next box. Nice right?

Also, for the entire month of June we are rewarding our Grimlings for sharing the pear and spreading the word about our ugly-licious fruit & veggie boxes with something SUPER special! We are giving away 1 ticket to Denmark’s new sustainable festival Tomorrow Festival (Saturday, Sept 4th) to the first 20 Grimlings that refer two or more friends to Eat Grim.

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Want to make delicious recipes like this at home?

All of our recipes are created with inspiration from our Eat Grim-boxes. If you are interested in starting your own subscription, and getting fruit & veg delivered straight to your door, then see our different boxes below.

Our Eat Grim-boxes


Available in three sizes, with options fitting everything from singles to larger families.

Filled with a variety of organic fruits and vegetables, and comes with curated recipes, so you'll never be lacking inspiration in the kitchen.

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Available in one size, and perfect for those who love fruits and healthy snacking.

The box is filled with organic fruits, has at least 4+ kg of produce, with 4-5 types of fruits, fitting households of between 2 - 4 people.

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Avilable in one size, and perfect for families with young kids or teens.

This box contains a good mix of classic and well-known fruits and vegetables, which are easy to cook with. You get 8-10 kg of produce, and 11+ types of different fruit and veg.

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