Mini Oranges and Tiny Cauliflowers? Yes, Please

New organic Italian farmer cooperative joins the GRIM family

If you are tired of cabbage, potatoes and root vegetables, we have an easy solution for you — look for what’s in season elsewhere!

As we go along, we get contacted more and more often by farms outside of Denmark saying they have lots of fruits and veggies that they cannot find buyers for.

A farm and many different produce being grown

Keep in mind that we’re not talking about rotten tomatoes or salad with flies… We are talking oranges the size of plums or carrots the size of big eggplants. Nothing is wrong with them, they are just different.

For that reason, we decided to partner up with a farm cooperative in order to bring more ugly, tasty produce of the Italian South. Please welcome ABA MEDITERRANEA S.C.A Cooperative!

ABA formed back in 2014, and today it includes over 20 organic farmers from the region of Apulia and Basilicata, who thanks to their complimentary but different set of skills and expertise, managed to grow an exciting portfolio of produce.

The cooperation came into life because the farmers experienced a pain from not being able to manage the whole process from production to delivery to customers themselves, having to deal with many middlemen in between — so no wonder they are a great fit to GRIM, as we share the belief of a more decentralised food system with shorter supply chains.

Now in a cooperative, the farmers of ABA bundle can join forces and can finally focus on making the best quality produce possible while substantially growing the organic culture in the region. What an accomplishment!

Small citrus-fruits in a net bowl

They have a huge variety of produce available, thanks to that amazing sun shining every day of the year (or so we believe, here in rainy Denmark), that goes from grapes, citrus fruit, cherries, cauliflower, fennel, and so much more.

You can read on their website “The equilibrium of the earth always gives good fruits” — blessed be!

If you also want to help or know more, visit our website at

//Article written by Filipa

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