How to set a wild and eatable spring table with Karina Tørnsø

There’s no Easter dinner party without a beautiful and wild Easter table, for our guests to gather around. As an expert in setting stunning, nature-inspired scenography, we asked art director Karina Tørnsø from the agency ad:terra to help us bring spring to the table and curate a colorful coulisse for our celebration. 

Afterward, we had a little chat with her about her table design, how to invite your guests on a trip, and why you should complement the recipes with wild, eatable decorations. 

Hi Karina, 

Thank you so much for a lovely and inspiring setting for our Spring celebration. Could you shortly tell us, what we admired there?

"Sure. First of all, I was inspired by Emilie’s delicious recipes and the idea of bringing Spring to the table. The fresh herbs, the wild pansies, ramsons, and water cress. Everything that tastes like Spring. The dogma is that food might as well take part in the decorations. And I had on beforehand dug up some the ramsons with raw soil stand, so they were just placed like that beautiful and imperfectly on the table."    

A very fun idea with eatable decorations. 

"To me, a table needs to encourage interaction. It’s a way to include your guests and play with their senses. By getting them to harvest the herbs for their dish directly from the table. That way they can easily take part in a foraging trip even though they didn’t make it to go to the beach or forest themselves."

Sounds so delightful being able to invite your guests on a trip with items on a table.

"Yeah, right? A dinner table is something we create together. I love the idea, that your guests are going for a walk, while the chef is preparing the first dishes. Then they can also gather stuff around them and bring it to the table. Like with the seaweed crispbread. It’s so satisfying to actually serve it in its element. On top of freshly foraged seaweed, that your guest brought home."   

Watch how to easily forage seaweed for your menu

So wonderful. We also saw some “ugly” veggies lying on the table, right? 

"Yes, hehe. Herbs are not the only eatable ingredients you can decorate with. Once again, if you let the recipes inspire you, you cut lemons or beetroots and let their strong colors light up the table. Or whole stalks of fresh green kale. As long as you make sure it can be used afterward."  

It was truly a colorful masterpiece. You also included some beautiful flowers?

"Yes, once again I thought in season. Like wild carrot which becomes a really cute umbellifer flower. Then I also included Mirabelle flowers which Emilie also uses for one of her recipes. And since it’s Easter, there just had to be some snowdrops on the table." 

So beautiful. And speaking of eggs - one was cracked afterward on the table for the hen Helga to eat. The table still looked stunning after the feast? 

Hehe, yes exactly. To me, there’s no better testimony to a wonderful dinner, than the table. It’s like waking up the day after you had a little too much to drink, and then you see this perfect still picture of the aftermath - a living memory of a festive day or evening around the table. That’s also the smart thing about using some wild elements as decorations. As the one setting the table you don’t wanna call the shots. The best thing that can happen, is your guests talking about and playing with the decorations. That makes it all come alive.    

Thank you so much Karina. 

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