How to cut your Prickly Pear (Kaktusfigen)

The star of this week is the beautiful and slightly prickly fruit, cleverly named, the prickly pear! It comes from sun-kissed Italy, and is in the box for week 36 because of overproduction. It has an amazing taste and the prettiest light-lilac colour inside - but be careful when you’re peeling it, it has these tiny small thorns that easily get stuck in your skin. Because of this, we’ve made this video which shows you, how to peel the fruit without getting hurt, so you get to fully enjoy this delicate late-summer-fruit.

Prickly pears love the warmth of the sun, and the cactus plant can grow to a full size of more than 5 meters! The small fruits decorating the cactus aren’t that well-known here in Denmark, but the oils that you can produce from the seeds of the fruit are widely used for health and beauty products - another benefit to enjoying this tiny delight. In terms of cooking, the prickly pear is great because it can be enjoyed just the way it is, raw as a snack, as part of a delicious salad or as the main ingredient in marmelades and jams. A mainstay recipe for prickly pears in Mexican cuisine is the “Agua de Tuna” drink, made from prickly pears, water, orange juice, and agave syrup. You can try it at home or make you're very own late-summer-drink and share it in our Facebook group "Cooking GRIM" where all of us can share our wonderful ideas and help us boost our creativity in the kitchen for a more sustainable future.

Did you know that we collaborate with about 15 Italian and Spanish ecological and biodynamic farms, which regularly supply us with sun-ripened delights from the warm south, and help make our boxes more varied and colourful. Imagine if we only got to eat kale and potatoes! It takes bravery, courage and persistence to eat sustainably and climate-friendly, but it luckily doesn’t require that your meals get boring. Enjoy!

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