Focaccia with potato, onion and chioggia beets

focaccia with potatoes and beats

This recipe it's easy to make and great for a summer day. Together with the colorful veggies it makes the perfect dish for you and your kids. You can make up enough to last for several days and keep it in the fridge. For toppings you can use an assortment of fresh herbs and vegetables.



  • Dough

    • 450g all-purpose flour 

    • 50g spelt flour (you can also use 50g all-purpose of that’s all you have)

    • 25g fresh yeast

    • 325 ml lukewarm water

    • 1 tsp salt

    • 1 tbsp olive oil 

  • Toppings

    • Olive oil

    • 1 cooked potato

    • Fresh thyme

    • 2 cloves of garlic

    • ½ onion

    • 1 medium chioggia beet

    • Salt


1. Mix together the fresh yeast and water until the yeast is dissolved. Then mix together the flour and the salt in a big bowl. Pour the olive oil on top of the flour and then mix in the water with the yeast. Mix it together with a spoon until the dough gets a bit too rough to mix, and then start kneading it together with your hands.

2. Knead the dough for 10 m. with some extra flour (50-100g.), when done leave it on a floured surface with a big bowl over it, leave it to rise for 40 min.

3. While the dough is rising, boil the potato, chop your chioggia beet into really thin slices and slice your onion into thin slices. Chop up garlic and fresh thyme finely and mix it together with 2 tbsp olive oil. When your potato is done boiling, cool it down in some cold water, and chop it into thin chunks.

4. When your dough is done, grease an ovenproof dish with olive oil, take the dough and place it in there. Poke small holes in the dough (not all the way through), then pour the garlic-thyme dressing over the dough (spread evenly) and then add all the toppings. Try to stick the potatoes and chioggia beet down in the dough, so it’s not just lying on the top.

5. Damp a tablecloth and cover the dough with it, let it rise for an extra 45 m. When there’s 20 m. left, turn on the oven on 200c.

6. When the dough is done rising, put it in the oven for 25 m. When done drizzle a bit olive oil on top and leave it to cool for 10 m, and then the focaccia is ready to be enjoyed! 

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Recipe by Cæcilie Gade


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