Flower Sprouts

Is It a Brussels Sprout? Is It Kale? No, It’s Their Love Child!

Roses are red, Violets are blue, There’s a new veggie in town, and it looks f* cool! 

flower sprouts on a blue background

Similar to Brussels sprouts, it grows in a tiny tree of mini cabbages but, this time, it’s purple (like a real princess). Also known as kalettes, this veggie is rich in vitamin K and vitamin C.

It’s been developed for years, with the patience and love of small British farmers. The veg got more attention when it was named "the hot new vegetable of 2015" by Fox News. Nowadays, the little beauties are also stocked by retailers across various countries in Europe - but still you can barely find them in any shop.

If you’re one of those you think that Brussels sprouts smell like feet and there’s no parmesan or bacon in the world that can convince you otherwise, give this new veggie a try. Because of the cross with kale, the flavour of flower sprouts is a bit sweeter and maybe even ‘nutty’. When deep or shallow fried, they take on more of a deep kale flavour, but when steamed or sautéed they are rather like a sweet sprout.

Just like their cousin, they work well roasted, fried, in juices, and so many other ways. Together with seeds or nuts you can serve them as a healthy side or salad. Here you can find a great recipe for a flower sprouts salad with lemon and parmesan.  As a suggestion from our GRIMling Lisbeth, try the following: sauté them in olive oil for about 1,5 minutes and then sprinkle some salt and a drizzle of lemon juice on top! Simple and delicious 

Flower sprout for breakfast, why not? After this breakfast bowl with flower sprouts, shiitake, quinoa and egg you will have power for the day!

As a easy lunch the veg can be used for various dishes: gnocchi with flower sprouts-gorgonzola-gnocchi, crunchy sprout, fennel & pomegranate salad, flowersprout-chili-pasta, ... give it a try! :) 

Restaurants already enjoy flower sprouts as a seasonal side dish through the winter, adding a bit of interest to a very root dominated veggie season. When serving the veg on your next dinner with friends, you will have something to talk about for sure, as still many don't know the fantastic kale variation. Plus the purple-green color makes an undeniably gorgeous presentation - keep the sprouts whole while cooking to keep the attractive flower-like visual effect. :)  

Good to know - the veg can be kept in the fridge for more than a week if you can resist its ugly beauty.


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