Burnt carrots and parsnips with cherry plum honey

Carrots and parsnips are something all of us enjoy. So why not give them a sweet treatment and make them blossom?

Use this dish as part of a larger spring menu or serve it alongside long-cooked meat.

SIDE / 30 MIN / 4 PAX / EASY


  • 400 g carrots

  • 400 g parsnips

  • 2 tbsp. neutral oil

  • 0,5 dl cherry plum honey (you can also use normal honey)

  • 2 dl rye in flakes  (you can also use rolled oats)

  • 0,5 dl sugar

  • A lot of freshly ground black pepper

  • Wild pansies


1. Heat the oven to 250 degrees

2. Wash the carrots thoroughly and keep on the peel. Wash and cut the parsnips in quarters. Put them in a refractory dish. Make sure they don’t cover each other. Drizzle with oil and some salt evenly distributed,

3. Roast for around 20 min. and then check by sticking a thin needle through. They need to be pretty dark but still solid.

4. 5 min. Before the roots are done, you pour some liquid honey over and roast them the last 5 min.

5. In the meantime you add rye to a frying pan and fry well. Then add sugar and let it melt together, so the rye becomes slightly caramelised. Take it aside and let it cool.

6. Serve these warm yet slightly cooled carrots and parsnips with the fried rye (possibly add some extra honey and salt) then graciously ground pepper over it. Decorate with wild pansies.


Cherry plum honey is a nice product. I always ferment my honey with other stuff. That means I add 15% water to my honey, stir it well and then keep it for 6 months in a boiling glass. Always make a big batch. You can also ferment the honey with wild flowers or herbs. The honey is so sweet that it’s not able to go bad. That means you can add anything to the honey, and get a unique and tasty product. Try cherry plum flowers, lilacs, garlic, rosemary etc,

Wild pansies often grow on grounds pour on nutrients. Look on the roadside, in the fields (make sure they’re organic), and on the beach. They are the most beautiful tiny purple flowers with a very mild taste of peas. They can make any dish look stunning.

Recipe by Emilie Qvist Kjærgaard

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