Biodynamic vs. Organic Produce

What is the difference between the two?

While biodynamic is always organic, organic is not always biodynamic. Here are the similarities and differences between the two:

Both organic and biodynamic agriculture builds on the same idea that farming and keeping of livestock must be done with considerations for the environment and animal welfare before economic profit. Both types of agriculture are defined by promoting ecological balance and conserve biodiversity. This is done by avoiding pesticides and artificial fertilizers, which is good for the ground water that avoids the harmful residues, for the consumers that won’t have to eat artificial pesticides and for the animals that eat the pests. Also neither faming method uses GMO.

Caption from the Danish documentary on biodynamic farming “Så meget godt i vente”/”Good things await” from 2014

Caption from the Danish documentary on biodynamic farming “Så meget godt i vente”/”Good things await” from 2014.

Biodynamic farming is one, living organism

Biodynamic farming differs from organic agriculture in its holistic approach to farming and keeping livestock. The dogma was established in 1924 by Rudolf Steiner, and builds on his idea that the organisms of farming, people and cosmos are one united system, that are mutually beneficial and dependent. In this way, biodynamic farming is considered one, living organism, where each part plays a significant role in the great whole.

It has been scientifically proven that the soil in biodynamic farming contains more organic substances and a bigger bio-diversity due to crop rotation and livestock, which strengthens the health of animals and plants and improve the quality of the products in the end. It also means that it is not necessary to use as much manure to fertilize the soil, and there are actually restrictions in biodynamic farming as to how much natural fertilizer can be used.

Biodynamic produce is grown under the stars

Nature and cosmos are equal in biodynamic farming, where farmers take the moon phases and zodiac into consideration when planting and harvesting. Biodynamic farmers believe that the Univers and moving of the universal elements have an impact on the natural cycles on Earth. So yeah, your beetroots can actually be harvested in certain zodiac sign. Perhaps you can taste the difference?

Whether organic or biodynamic, the taste is not to be mistaken. Fresh and delicious of good quality and without pesticides and artificial fertilizers.

/Article written by Simone

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