Apple chips

We all love a sweet snack. And most of us love apples. So why not combine both?

Here’s a fool-proof way how to do your own apple chips — just like the ones you can buy for a lot of money in your favourite health store. All you need is 3 things: a bunch of leftover apples, a mandoline or sharp knife and an oven. By the way, the older, more crumpled your apples are, the better the chips will turn out. Have trust! Also apples with bad or soft spots are ok as long as you cut them away.

a lined baking tray covered with sliced apples


  • A bunch of old, grumpy apples

How to make the chips

  1. Pre-heat oven at 100 degrees.

  2. Wash your apples. Cut away overly soft or rotten spots and very thinly slice with a mandoline or a sharp knife. Tip: the thinner the slices the shorter the baking time. Simple physics ;)

  3. Cover baking trays with baking paper (the more trays you have the more crisps you can make) and place the apple slices on them. Make sure slices don’t overlap. Place in the oven and bake on 80–100 degrees for about 3–3,5 hours. Tip: after maybe 1,5 hrs, flip the chips so they get evenly baked from both sides.

  4. When time is up and you’ve finished your favourite movie, take the trays out of the oven. Your chips might still be a bit soft then, so it’s important that you let them sit until they are completely cooled off and have become crispy.

  5. Store your apple chips in an air-tight plastic container or plastic bag. When doing so, remove as much air as possible to ensure crispy chips also in the days to come.


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