A GRIM Halloween table with Karen's Bord and EAT GRIM

Have you seen our perfectly ugly Halloween table we’ve created?

Imperfect carrots, small red cabbages, weird pumpkins, crooked corn and much more...

With our GRIM veggies and Karens Bord’s beautiful decorations, we’re trying to show how unique forms and crocked veggies can create a stunning dinner table – and make the imperfect beautiful. 

 In this video you'll see the table arrangement and all the colours that are used to create a personal and fun Halloween table.

Karen’s Bord is created by Louise Eich-Hoilund and Andrea Veno. The brand is named after Louise’s sweet grandma, who always appreciated presence and aesthetics. Obviously Louise and Andrea have a flair for this as well which can be seen in their unique and personal products, and of course their amazing table arrangements.

The talented Jonas Spejstrup helped us make sculptures from our veggies, which we have never done before - And it worked!!!! This is definitely not the last time we’ll use our veggies besides cooking.

So here is a challenge for you: use the unusual, the crooked and other exciting stuff that you have lying around for YOUR Halloween table. Make the imperfect aesthetically beautiful!!! 

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