Leek, Potatoes and Carrot Stew

 Changing  seasons are best when it comes to all kinds of stews. It really feels like a hug in a bowl and it tastes like home. At the same time, it's a healthy and nutritious meal, and it doesn't take much of your precious time to prepare. 

A bowl of leek, potato and carrot stew


  • 4 leeks

  • 2 big potatoes or 4 small ones

  • ½ kg (or more) carrots

  • olive oil

  • salt

  • pepper

  • curry powder

  • garlic powder

  • tomato paste


  1. Prepare veggies

  2. Wash and cut leeks

  3. Peel and cut potatoes in bite size cubes

  4. Peel and slice carrots the way you prefer

  5. Put some olive oil in the pot and put leeks, add some salt and pepper and stir until soft

  6. Add the tomato paste, and let it simmer for a while until it thickens

  7. Add potatoes and carrots and add water, or stock of choice, so it covers the ingredients

  8. Cook until the veggies are cooked through

  9. In the meantime add spices to taste

  10. Serve warm and enjoy

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