You are invited for the 'Truly Ugly Easter Table'

Dear Grimlings,

Spring has truly arrived and as you may know, we at Eat Grim love to celebrate the changing seasons and the holidays they bring. So, without further ado, you’re hereby invited to join us for a seat at the ‘Truly Ugly Easter Table”.

Truly Ugly Easter Table

This time we teamed up with the lovely, upcoming chef Emilie Qvist Kjærgaard who’s previously worked at restaurants like Amass and Relæ in Copenhagen, and Blue Hill at Stone Barns in New York. She’s quite a gem and takes all of her experience from growing up on a farm to bring seasonality and earthy insights to the table. 

You’ll get to know her better in the coming weeks, where she will show us how to cook five delicious vegetarian Easter dishes for our guests and take us to the beach, and forest, to hunt for wild treasures to harvest for our menu.

And of course, we’re gonna decorate a cute and ugly Easter table for our guests to gather around. As an expert in setting beautiful and nature-inspired sceneries, we asked Art Director Karina Tørnsø to help us bring the springy vibes indoors and curate a truly astonishing, and colourful coulisse for our eyes to feast upon as we celebrate with our loved ones. We can’t wait to show you more of her amazing work on taking festive decoration to the next level. 

As you may know, we love to get closer to our GRIM farmers, so inspired by the theme and season we had the privilege to travel to Birkemosegaard, who’s was actually one of the first suppliers for Eat Grim, and explore their idyllic and calm landscape at the coast of Sjællands Odde. We were welcomed by our host Martin Mo Kvedéris who runs Birkemosegaard Køkken and is a farmer himself, showing us around and facilitating a pleasant and inspiring day for all of us. He even convinced his farm chicken, Helga, to join the Easter table, making sure that no food went to waste.   

For the ‘Truly Ugly Easter Table’ we tried something new. Besides the beautiful pictures from our very own Barbora Gadlinova, we wanted to make it even easier for you Grimlings to indulge in the culinary festivities. So, we asked the guys from Melt Motion to help us document the process and produce some small how-to videos for the dishes to go along with the recipes. We look so much forward to show what they came up with. 

So, what does the ‘Truly Ugly Easter Table’ have to do with you?

Well, besides wanting to inspire you on how to celebrate spring with your dearest - a season well known for being quite repetitive and sturdy in terms of produce, we’ll add a little Easter booklet to your GRIM box in the week before Easter Sunday in week 13, containing five recipes, a shopping list, and directions for you to cook along whatever parts of the menu you want. 

We’ll keep you posted and look forward to welcoming you for the 'Truly Ugly Easter Table’.

Easter kisses from Eat Grim