Nu bliver Aarhus lidt grimmere!

Calling all Aarhusians from the city of smiles!

Eat Grim is expanding to Aarhus in week 26 – and not only are we delivering to Aarhus but we are launching a local pickup spot in the heart of Aarhus, just like we have here in Copenhagen.

To celebrate this launch, we would love to have all our Aarhus Grimlings join us for our launch party at our new pickup spot at Soul Shine on June 25th at 15:00. Our event is open for everyone who wants to get a taste of Grim. We'll be serving up fresh treats in the backyard with Soul Shine at Graven 24, 8000 Aarhus C.

At Eat Grim we’re fighting food waste right where it happens, by buying all the crooked and overproduced veggies that don’t live up the extremely unfair beauty standards the EU sets for fruit & vegetables, and putting them back where they belong - on our plates. Over the past two years, Eat Grim has grown into a huge and loving community of veggie savers and we won’t stop, until the whole of Europe takes responsibility for their production and consumption - and Aarhus you’re next!
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Why do we have pick up spots?

Eat Grim is all about the community feeling that is created by those who are passionate about our mission to end food waste, as well as those, who just get their Eat Grim boxes because of the deliciously fresh veggies. If we want to spread this sense of community in a new city, we need to be on the ground where the action happens and create a physical space for this community! A large part of what makes us Grim is that we have hundreds of individuals who volunteer their time to help our dedicated packers when packing our boxes every week. Without them, we wouldn’t be where we are today so we need all the help and love we can get in Aarhus, and that’s why we want to create a space where our passionate community can meet.

For now, there will be no packing in Aarhus, but you can still join our group of volunteers and help spread the Grim word and hand out boxes. Just request to join our Facebook group GRIM Inner circle (Aarhus) where you can meet all the other volunteers in your area!

Practicalities - How pick up works

If you choose to have your Eat Grim box delivered to Soul Shine at Graven 24, 8000 Aarhus C, you can pick up your box between 15-18 on Wednesdays. When you order your first box, you will receive an order confirmation and a text when your Eat Grim box is on its way. Show up at the right time, and show your text to the cute Grimling handing out boxes and you’ll get yours - it’s that easy!

PLUS! Every time you pick up your Eat Grim box, you can get 20% discount on anything in the store and café, as long as your newly acquired Eat Grim box is under your arm. We've been told that they even serve ice cream during the summertime. Yum!

Soul Shine 

Why we love Soul Shine? Well...Soul Shine is a second hand and vintage shop that undertakes a variety of social-economic projects with a focus on the health and environment of their surroundings. These social projects are all about creating a sense of community, and the profits they make are all reinvested into other social projects - how great is that?! Clearly, this was the perfect place for us to choose as our Pick up spot in the city of smiles!

Our collaboration with Soul Shine will support their ongoing project in Papua New Guinea, where they’ve since 2014 opened 3 stores, to create more job opportunities and help the local community and we’re very excited to be a part of it. Read all about their projects here.

What now?

>> Grab your free ticket to our launch party
>> Get your GRIM box in Aarhus 

Vil du lave flere lækre opskrifter derhjemme?

Alle vores opskrifter er skabt med inspiration fra vores Eat Grim-kasser. Hvis du er interesseret i at starte dit eget abonnement, og få frugt & grønt leveret lige til døren, så udforsk vores forskellige kasser nedenfor.

Vores Eat Grim-kasser


Tilgængelig i tre størrelser, der passer alt fra singler til større familier.

Fyldt med en god variation af økologiske frugter og grøntsager, og bliver leveret med tilpassede opskrifter, så du aldrig kommer til at mangle inspiration i køkkenet.

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Tilgængelig i en størrelse, og perfekt til dem der elsker frugt og sunde snacks.

Denne kasse er fyldt med lækre økologiske frugter, mindst 4+ kg frugt per kasse (30+ stykker), med 4-5 forskellige sorter, passende til husholdninger på ca. 2 - 4 personer.

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Tilgængelig i en størrelse, og perfekt til familier med små børn eller teenagere.

Denne kasse indeholder en god blanding af klassisk og velkendt frugt & grønt, som nemt kan tilberedes. Hver kasser har 8-10 kg råvarer, med 11+ forskellige sorter.

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