Evergreen Pasta with Peppers and Burrata Cheese

This dish is the perfect symphony between the beautiful red tomato sauce and the fresh green of the basil and leeks, why not give it a try?



  • 2 snack red peppers

  • 2 leeks

  • 8 tbsp tomato puree 

  • EVO oil and salt

  • 320 g maccheroncini pasta  

  • some basil leaves

  • 1 burrata Cheese

evergreen burato cheese and pepper pasta in a black pot

How to make it 

  1. Remove the green dark end part of the leeks (save them for a soup or a stew stock) and trim the root end away. Slice in thin rings.

  2. Cut the peppers in two parts. Remove the white seeds and the green stem. Slice each part.

  3. Warm a large frying pan on a medium/high heat. Pour the EVO oil and then the leek rings. Let them sauté for a few minutes. Keep mixing with a wooden spoon. Add the peppers, stir and sauté until the vegetables are softened. Add the tomato puree, a half water of glass and season with salt. Lower the heat and let cook for about 20 min. All along the process, check if the tomato sauce is too thick or is condensing onto the bottom. In this case, add a bit of water and stir.

  4. In the meantime bring to a boil a big pot filled with water. 

  5. When the sauce is ready, place it into a food processor. Add some basil leaves and process to a creamy sauce. Cut the burrata in half, scoop out the inner cream and mix it with the sauce.

  6. When the water is boiling, add the pasta. Stir and add salt only when the water is boiling again. Let cook following the instructions on the pasta package. Drain the pasta and mix with the sauce. Top with the remaining burrata, cut into small pieces.

Recipe by Mad & Delicacy